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 001      2/3/15           Active  4-Sale     

AERWIN Products antique crystal radio, circa 1910's - manufactured by "The Mills Radio & Electric Co., Irvington, N.J." - 9 position rotary switch to select different coil taps - 4 binding posts for antenna, ground, and a pair for ear phones - crystal holder, but no crystal or cat's whisker (can substitute 1N914 type diode) - condition fair, some broken wires to coil taps - from my Grandfather's estate - estimated market value $90 - $125... make offer...

Hank, WA2CCN, at WA2CCN@ARRL.NET    
 002  5/19/15 SOLD  

 ICOM IC-751... Condition:  Good;  Internal IC-PS35 power supply, external RC-10 Keypad, Optional FL32 CW Filter, power cord, manual.  Asking $550 - Pictures are available or stop by locally and we can put it on the air

 Bob, WA2YLY, at    
 003 3/16/16 Active 4-Sale

AMPLIFIER, 2 Meter "Brick"... Solid State 90W out... designed for fixed station or mobile for use with 2M hand-held... 5W in = 90W out / 3W in = 70W out / 1W in = 40-50W out... manufactured by V-J Products, Inc., Pasadina, CA (Made in America)... Controls:  Power (ON/OFF) switch, Mode (SSB/FM) switch with 3 LED's for power, transmit, & mode... Like new condx... looking for $75 or trade for Kenwood speaker with audio filters.

 004 3/19/16 Active Available to borrow

I have the following radio and power supply to lend to any new ham in our club.  It has come from a Ham that went SK in October.

 1. Yeasu RS 12 M  2 Meter only transceiver.  Tested at 37 watts out. Draws 1/2 A. receive and 10 A

transmit.  No manual however it is on line at repeater builder and many other sources free.  The  Green wire is cut to make it transmit out of band.  I will reattach it before it is lent out.

 2.  Astron RS 12 M  power supply  13.6 V.  12A. Peak   No manual but again it is on line.  Both com. power poles  (this is a real boat anchor ).

 3.  Ringo ranger ARX2 B antenna. 2 meter antenna converted from ARX2 antenna.  Gain 5.5 db.I will adjust it for mid band before it is lent out.

 4. Belden 8214 coax  (RG-8) approx. 30/40 feet.

 All that is need to get on the air will be an antenna mount.  TV mount and mast will do.  I would like to see it used rather than sit on a shelf and collect dust.  I would be happy of any input as to length of time lent and weather you think paperwork would be needed for a club member.


Bruce, KB2UQW at KB2UQW@ARRL.NET    
 005 6/15/16 Active 4-Sale

1.) MFJ-941C small HF tuner, 80-10 meters, 200W, with meter - - - $5
2.) Swan "SWR-1" dual meter, mobile type SWR bridge - - - $25
3.) RadioWavz "Line Isolator" - S)-239 at each end - - - $25
4.) W2AU Balun, 1:1 ratio, used - - - $20

Norm, NZ5L at or 570-729-8165    
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